Hi! I'm Nick.

While I’ve been growing up, way too often I’ve not been able to find clothes that were cool, stylish and high quality. If it was cool and stylish, it wasn’t sustainable or high-quality. If was high-quality and sustainable, it wasn’t cool and stylish.

Rarely was I able to find gear that checked all the boxes.

I knew that if it was such a struggle for me, then it was definitely a struggle for others like me. So, my Mum and I decided we wanted to do something about this.

Meet Dapper Boys.

We’ve reinvented the wheel by making our own stylish and sustainable gear.

We’ve also partnered with other great family companies, so that end result is nothing by cool, colourful, stylish, and sustainable wear for my generation.

Now I can always wear things that express who I am and make me smile, and I’m so excited to share that with you, too!

– Nick


Styles have certainly changed throughout the generations, but the impact they have on the planet hasn’t.

Until now…

At Dapper Boys, we believe in feeling good about what you wear all-the-way-around.

What does that mean? It means that you don’t just feel great in your gear, but you feel great knowing that you’re doing good for the environment.


Dapper Boys products are Oeko-Tex certified. This means that all materials, including every thread, button, or other accessory, has been thoroughly tested to confirm that they’re free from harmful chemicals. The same harmful chemicals that have been known to pollute water and even your skin (ick!)

Plus, our packaging is made from plant polymer, so it’s 100% compostable and 100% waterproof.

We represent the next generation...not just in styles, but in sustainability, too.

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